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Ludoslate & LudoShake
Ludowici is widely acknowledged as the industry expert in colored (glazed) clay roof tile. With over 40 designer colors and unmatched custom color capabilities, only Ludowici can offer a virtually unlimited palette. In addition, Ludowici colors are not painted on the surface but fired in under extreme temperature to ensure they retain their original tones and hues for many years to come. Color is included in our limited 75-year warranty.

The following colors are only sample colors. For actual color representations and additional blends contact {BuisnessName} and schedule an appointment to view samples in your home.
Ludo Slate
Antique Brunswick Black
Antique Slate Gray
Antique Montpielier Green
Slate Black
Montpielier Green
Green Purple
Mottled Green Purple
Montpielier Green
Slate Red

Golden Red Cedar
Aged Cedar
Earth Gray
Western Cedar
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